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Dogtown skateboard legend Tony Alva Video

dogtown skateboarding usa retro vintage

I love this old film because it was when I started skateboarding. We’ve all heard of Tony Alva right? Well if you haven’t he was one of the key members of the world famous Dogtown skateboarders from Santa Monica California good old USA. And he was a member of the pioneering skate team the Zephyr Skateboard Team which had 12 members. Here’s a photo of them with Tony on the far right and the late Shogo Kubo who I skated with in 1978 on the far left, he also signed my Dogtown T-shirt.

santa monica Zephyr skateboard team dogtown

When Tony came to the Vans event in London in 2011 he saw someone wearing one of my T-shirts and he said ‘Hey man that’s a cool T-shirt’ which is actually cool. I met Tony in Soho and he signed an A3 poster of himself for me which I will be giving away in a competition this summer.

Tony Alva Dogtown Skateboarder USA
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For the new blog here’s something pretty old, my Dad

A shot of my old man back in Norway in the early 40s. He was virtually born on skis and if he wasn’t on skis he’d be either fishing salmon, shooting Ptarmigan of sweating it out in the sauna. All these things were in his genes and so in mine too. I met a few of these dudes, my old man out-lived all of them and he didn’t smoke much at all of course. Checkout these awesome before and after photos of Norway here!