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Jay Adams wore my T-shirts

It’s a couple of weeks since Dogtown legend Jay Adams birthday. And five years since his death. I was born a little before Jay and although I lived by a famous sandy beach it wasn’t good for surfing. Only water skiing, skim boarding and wind surfing. I did all three of course. Jay started surfing at 4 years old so he was on boards about 4 years before me. Jay was famous for his attitude of not caring what others thought and just doing what he enjoyed. We had this in common. At that time skateboarding was emulating surfing, it’s what the surfers like Jay did in Dogtown when there was no surf to be had. Then in the mid 70s skateboarding came of age and developed into something more than stylish sweeping, carving moves. I contacted Jay on Facebook and we chatted for a while, he then asked for a couple of my Ts so I posted them to him. I always regretted not going over to the USA. Who knows I may have ended up staying there. The exact T-shirt Jay asked for is no longer available but the is the closest one.