Vikings Of Skate is an old school skateboarding brand with Viking blood selling t-shirts, posters and caps. We’re about authenticity, creative expression and not following main stream conventions. This is not some made up marketing slogan or just being alternative for the sake of it.

When skateboarding first took off it was a niche thing, on the fringes of society. You often had to travel to another city to find a skatepark. In those days we did things because they were fun and challenging not because it was a way to appear cool to others. And needless to say we were too busy skateboarding to be taking lots of photos.

Our brand name is a quote from one of skateboarding’s Dogtown legends Tony Alva. He was describing how pioneering skaters were in the 70’s. It was many years later the founder of VOS met Tony, they shook hands and Tony said he thought VOS Tshirts were cool.

The founder of VOS twice met and skated with Shogo Kubo another original Dogtown legend. VOS tshirts were owned by other American skateboarding legends most notably the late Jay Adams. Sadly both of these legends have now passed away.

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Vikings Of Skate Micke Alba VOS tshirt